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Kingdom Hearts, Chobits, And Narnia FOR SALE!!! [29 Mar 2013|10:45am]

Hey everyone, I just decided to put up several of my nicer costumes for sale, including a suit of Kingdom Hearts Armor and Two Narnia costumes that were worn to Dragoncon 2008. It's time to let them go so that I can fund some new and exciting costumes! I have them listed on my Facebook page, Lake Fairy Creations, and I wanted to put a listing up here as well. I also have a number of wigs for sale over on my page, so you can go check them out if you are interested.

I am local to the NC Triangle Area, so if any local Animazement goers are interested, I can have any of these costumes shipped out within a week so you can have them in plenty of time for Animazement.

All costumes except for the Tomoyo Dress can be found on my DA. Pictures of all the costumes can also be found on my facebook page, and on my cosplay.com profile. If you would like more pictures or have questions about the costumes, please let me know.

I have been sewing for about 12 years, and cosplaying for almost ten years. I have been doing commissions for five years, and all of my costumes are extremely well made and have all of the seams finished, and most of them can be either washed in a home laundry machine or at the very least, dry cleaned. The Chii and Narnia costumes were made in 2008, the Aqua Armor was made in 2011 and the Tomoyo dress was made in 2012.

Here is the list of costumes that I just put up for sale.

The Aqua Armor, Chobits costume, and Narnia Costumes can be viewed on my cosplay.com profile, however, the Narnia costumes and the Tomoyo dress pictures are available on my Facebook Page.

Cosplay.com: [link]

Lake Fairy Creations Facebook : [link]

Deviantart: http://lake-fairy.deviantart.com/

If the link for Facebook doesn't work, then please type "Lake Fairy Creations" into the Facebook search box to find my page. All of the costumes are pictured in my "For Sale" Photo Album.

Aqua Armor From Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep


So for anyone who is interested, I am putting my Aqua Armor up for sale. It has over 100 hours of work put into it. the bodysuit is machine washable, and the sale includes everything except the wig, black gloves and boots.

The bodysuit was drafted by hand and is extremely accurate to the references, and the armor is made using wonderflex over foamie and is attached to the suit with velcro and elastic.

The costume is almost like new. It only has been worn for a total of four hours and with the exception of a couple of places where the velcro or elastic needs to be replaced, it is as good as new

The costume is made to fit someone of these measurements

Height: 5 foot 4 inches
bust: 38
waist: 31
hips: 40

The suit has a bit of stretch to it, so it should fit anyone within an inch or two of these measurements.

Brand New, this costume costs about $2500, and I would like to get about $1000 for it, but if anyone is interested in making an offer, I might be willing to haggle if it doesn't sell immediately. As always, I am open to payment plans, so if anyone is interested, please shoot me a message.

Chii costume


Sale includes the Chii bodice/skirt (all one piece with a zipper up the back. It does not include the wig, thigh highs, shoes, ears or spools. Although if you would be interested in a set of ears and spools to go with the costume, I can make them for you for an extra $20

The costume has been worn three times, for no more than two to three hours at a time. It shows very few signs of wear, and is almost like new.


bust 36
waist 27
hips NA

this costume has no give, so be prepared to alter it if it is to small for you.

I would like to get $350 for this costume, however, feel free to make an offer if you like, you might catch me in a haggling mood. The bodice is made of white brocade with ribbon trim. The skirt is sheer and patterned by hand. There were at least 30 hours of work put into this costume, and all edges are finished. Dry clean only.

Peter Pevensie Coronation Costume


Peter Tunic and cloak. Worn twice. Like new condition. Gold satin leaf applique satin stitched on the front and collar. cloak is lined. All seams are finished. Dry clean only.

Made to fit someone about these measurements

height 5 foot 11 inches
chest 40 inches
waist 35 inches
hips 38 inches

This sale includes the tunic and the cloak. it does not include the crown, leggings, lion clasp or boots.

Tunic and cloak: $250 or best offer

Lucy Pevensie Coronation Dress and Cloak


Lucy Dress and cloak. made of stretch velvet with hand sewn beaded flowers around the collar of the dress. blue pearl beads are hand stitched all over the rest of the dress. The cloak is lined and has gold rope piping hand stitched to the edges. All seams are finished. Dry clean only.

Made to fit measurements

height 5 foot 4 inches
bust 36
waist 30
hips 38

the dress stretches, so an inch or two leeway should be fine

This sale includes the dress and the cloak. it does not include the wig, crown, lion clasp or shoes.

Dress and Cloak: $300 or best offer

Tomoyo Dress

Pictures of this costume can be found on my Facebook Page: Lake Fairy Creations

Tomoyo dress. Cream colored matte satin. Princess seam bodice, all edges are serged and finished.

Bust 37
waist 30
hips NA

This sale only includes the dress. The wig and ribbon sash are not included.


If you have any interest in any of these costumes, please email me at Lakefairycreations@gmail.com Or message me on my facebook page. I don't check my Livejournal as often as I should, so if you message me here, it may take a little longer to get back to you.

Thank you for your interest!

-Sarah Kate

Sorry for the cross post from Dragoncon and Cosplay.
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Everyone Welcomed [12 Dec 2012|09:13am]

bjd_add_me A BJD Friending Community

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
novabjdlovers Click for links to our Facebook, Meetup.com, DeviantArt and Flickr groups. Everyone Welcomed

Mods please delete if not allowed. Thank You
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Artist Alley's Table [15 Feb 2012|04:24pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey Everyone! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing an artist alleys table :) I wanted to get a table this year, but I was about a week late with my application.

I have a 3 ring binder costuming portfolio that I would like to display, as well as a little bit of jewelry and feather hair accessories. I could cover the table if there are events that you would like to go to, and would only need about a third of the table space to display my knick knacks and portfolio. I would be more than willing to pay half the table cost in exchange for a third of the table space and one of the two artist alley badges that come with the table. (they do still do two badges for a table? I couldn't find the policy for artist badges on the site)

Also, if you need help setting up and breaking down, I would be available all weekend to help cart stuff in and out :) (I am local, so it's just a twenty minute drive to the convention center...)

Anyways, I know it's a long shot, but if anyone is interested in letting me share a bit of their table space, please let me know! :) Thank you for your time!

Sarah Kate aka Lake Fairy Creations

P.S. If you would like to discuss details, please feel free to email me at Lakefairycreations@gmail.com

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animazement 2010 pictures; [18 Oct 2010|03:32am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I realized the other day that I never posted a link to all my Animazement 2010 pictures. Heh. Better late than never, right? xD I apologize for the stupid/ugly watermark. Several people "stole" my pictures last year and claimed they were theirs. I know it's no big deal, but I didn't want to go through that again. I have every pictures available in hi-res. So, just send me a PM if you want the original file. I'd be happy to email it to you!

You can view all my pictures HERE:
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cosplay/general con photos! [05 Jul 2010|09:18am]

Man, this community gets quiet. That's kind of unsettling.

I finally finally finally got our cosplay photo shoots back from our photographer! Professional quality, and I'm so happy with them.

We have a Code Geass photoshoot, and then some Silent Hill nurse shenanigans. Also random photos that were mostly very silly. That one has a few from around the con.

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only two and a half weeks! [09 May 2010|10:54pm]

Hey everybody, con's drawing close. My tablemate fadedfeathers and I have been working like mad to have stock for our Artist Alley table, and just wanted to throw out a link. Our stock is listed here! This is probably going to see our last con, so it'd be awesome to get all this stuff to good homes.

Hope to see y'all there!

We need a Lightning!!! [18 Nov 2009|09:24pm]

[ mood | sick ]

So, my friend gave me the idea to go ahead and start working on our cosplay for next year (AZ 2010). My friend and I decided to go as Oerba Dia Vanille, and Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy 13. We were wondering if anybody is planning on doing Lightning (or any Final Fantasy 13 character that is) and maybe we could get together and work on it! Maybe get a little mini group going :P

Vanille :
I dunno why I used this picture of me! Hah. But, anyway, it's me, Hana ^^

Fang :
and Kyo ^^

Anybody wanna join feel free!!

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Really good wigs... CHEAP! [14 Aug 2009|08:30pm]

I have a ton of wigs I have no space for anymore and I'm trying to make a few bucks off of. I only have 3 up right now, but please take a look!



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Halp wif Japanese [17 Jul 2009|04:56pm]

Do any of y'all speak Japanese fluently, or know enough to tell me if "mamasaki" is a real word, or if it has any sort of significance, like a name or something?  Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.  <3

(I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this :x )
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Hi!!! I'ma Fox Requesting links to pics :p [29 May 2009|12:51am]

Hello there,
I was the six foot tall fox at the con.
I was wondering if anyone who took pictures of me there wouldn't mind posting them online and giving me a link to them.

I know there are a lot of pics of me out there just would really like to have some of them to show my friends who couldn't be there. Thanks

If you have some or have seen any and would reply with a link it would be most appreciated

Thank you

This is a pic of me at another con I was wearing different pants at Animazement this year.

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Final Fantasy!!! [28 May 2009|08:54pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

So ya know Jeff Foxworthy's routine "You might be a redneck if..."? Well I've come up with my own version. Here we go!

You might play too much Final Fantasy if:


You might play WAY too much Final Fantasy if:


I want a cockatiel now!!!! ^_~

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Pictures [26 May 2009|03:07pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

A couple of pictures I took Friday here:


Just out of curiosity, who's planning or started working on Animazement 2010 cosplay already?

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[18 May 2009|10:33pm]

I just canceled a room at the Marriott, just putting the word out there.
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one week to go~ [15 May 2009|02:15pm]

Hey everybody, gettin' close. I wanted to pop in and say that fadedfeathers and I will be sharing an Artists Alley table and would be happy to see people from LJ. On Friday, we'll be cosplaying Suzu from Peacemaker Kurogane, and on Saturday, we'll be rockin' out Jasdero and Debitto from D.Gray-Man. We'll have a guest book this year so we can actually keep track of people!

If anyone's interested, this is an inventory post of the stuff we'll be selling.

See you guys next week!
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cosplay chess full... [14 May 2009|02:39pm]

But if you are creepy costumed, and still interested, please show up. there is a small possibility one doesnt show up. :)
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[13 May 2009|11:40pm]

Just cancelled two rooms at the Marriott, I was holding for friends but stuff didn't work out! If you are lucky they are still open. Thought I'd give a heads up. :P
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ANYONE WITH CREEPY COSPLAYS?! [13 May 2009|09:57pm]

Cosplay CHESS is in need of participants with CREEPY costumes. please email me at eternallyyourlace@gmail.com for more info. thanks!
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CosComics Cosplay Outfit Store [26 Apr 2009|02:47pm]


Welcome To CosComics Cosplay Store. We believe in providing the best quality cosplay outfits for the best prices to Cosplayers around the world. Most of our outfits range from $60-up with free shipping. We are 100% Positive Feedback :)

To see everything we have in stock currently then click on the next link underneath for our online website. We can also put stuff on ebay if you prefer ebay, but the online store shows what we have in stock.

Our Online Store-

Our Ebay Store-

Our Myspace Page:

This page is maintained in U.S.A., but the outfits are shipped from China.

 Please Check Our Pictures Section For Photo Albums By Series with Pictures Of The Outfits We Have In Stock

 We are one of the very few 100% feedback ebay sellers on ebay for cosplay outfits. So we have good positive feedback for you to read.

 If the cosplay item is not listed then message us and we will list it for you.

The Series We Currently Have Outfits For:



We only accept PayPal.


We will ship to wordwide.

Clothes normally can be delivered to you in 7-9 working days by EMS express service.

except in public holidays or other peak periods.


We do not responsible for any physical damage is/are result of buyer misuse.

Buyer is responsible to pay return shipping fee to china.

If you are not entirely satisfied

with the item, please send email to us with any questions concerned, we’ll try our best to work out a solution for it and to make sure each

Contact Us On Myspace Or E-mail

Please contact on myspace or webmaster first ^^

Our U.S.A. Webmasters Email: zcosplaystore@gmail.com

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Hello cosplayers! [22 Apr 2009|06:46pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

So I am trying to get together a guilty gear group and need people for our skit. If anyone is doing guilty gear and wants to be a part of a really great skit please respond to me! Thank you!

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Mod post [31 Mar 2009|02:48pm]

I am looking for someone to take over moderation for this community. As my life gets busier, I have a harder time getting to conventions like this.

If you are interested, reply with why you think you would make a good moderator for this great community. :)
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